Monday, October 2, 2017

Badminton Teams Finish 1st Runners-up

By Mark Christian Gayoma and F.S. Delgado

CapSU Mambusao’s men’s and women’s badminton teams won silver a piece during the 2017 Inter-Campus Meet, Sept. 27-30, at CapSU Pontevedra Campus.
The men’s team was composed of Justine Dominic Esico, Kenneth Lizada, Daniel Liba, Mike Nelson Lacson, and Alvin Felonia.
In the first elimination round, the team faced three tough teams.
In their first two games, they won over CapSU Dumarao and CapSU Dayao but lost to the defending champion CapSU Roxas City in their third game.
In the second elimination round, they defeated CapSU Dumarao, CapSU Pilar, and CapSU Pontevedra which gave them a chance to face once again their last year’s foes in the championship match, CapSU Roxas City.
This year’s finals match in men’s badminton was a déjà vu.
In the first single, Esico took control of the game, 21-12 and 21-10, making him undefeated in all his matches.
In the doubles match, Lizada and Liba took the first set, 21-18, but lost the second and third sets, 11-21 and 15-21.
In the deciding match, Felonia bore the pressure of facing the defending champions.
However, he bowed to the smasher of CapSU Roxas City, 15-21 and 16-21.
Once again, CapSU Mambusao men’s badminton settled for the silver.
One the other hand, the women’s badminton team duplicated the silver finish of the men’s team.
Jeroe Ann Arteza, Iza Uñada, Geraldine Ponce, Donna Rufino, and Carlyn Salvador also succeeded in their rally in the women’s badminton.
In the first elimination round, they won over CapSU Tapaz and CapSU Pontevedra but lost to CapSU Roxas City.
In the second elimination, they once again defeated CapSU Pontevedra, giving them a twice-to-beat advantage in the finals.
The team faced CapSU Roxas in the championship match.
Despite the twice-to-beat disadvantage, CapSU Roxas City was able to push a do-or-die game.
In the winner-take-all match, Salvador lost to her opponent, 6-21 and 12-21, in the first single.
In the doubles, Uñada and Rufino tried to push a deciding set but fell short, 23-21, 19-21 and 19-21.
CapSU Roxas City took the gold in the women’s badminton while CapSU Mambusao earned the silver.

Sepak Takraw Women’s Team Takes Gold; Men’s Team Settles for Bronze

By Generoso Laveros and F.S. Delgado

On the second year of the inclusion of women’s sepak takraw in the inter-campus meet, CapSU Mambusao finally got the championship trophy after defeating CapSU Roxas City in the final matchup, Sept. 29, in CapSU Pontevedra Campus.
The team composed of Ana Mae Torres, Maria Jellian Oñas, Zandra May Legpitan, Christine Joy Baylador, and Nevalyn Joy Aminoso dominated the game after winning the match in straight two sets, 21-17 and 21-12.
The group managed to remain undefeated from their first matchup with CapSU Sigma until facing CapSU Roxas City in the championship battle.
Though the team had the twice-to-beat advantage, they did not allow their opponents to push the game to a do-or-die set.
In order to play in the championship match, the ladies had to defeat their opponents from other campuses.
Their first game was against CapSU Sigma, then CapSU Pilar and finally CapSU Roxas City.
After winning three games, they were guaranteed a slot in the finals with a twice-to-beat advantage.
Last year, the team fell short as it landed only in third place.
After their defeat, the ladies promised to themselves that they would work hard to finally win and they succeeded.
“Excited guid kami nga magcompete this year because handum guid namon nga makabawi sa amon pagkaperde last year,” Ana Mae Estores, team captain, said.
(We were excited to compete this year because it was our dream to redeem ourselves from our loss last year.)
Though not as successful as the women’s, the men’s team took the bronze.
The men’s team composed of Laurence James Lapidez, Karl Emmanuel Anisco, Valine Marcon, Celemar Valad-on and Christian Jade Baylador failed in their own quest for gold after bowing to CapSU Roxas City in the stepladder match.
The team had a good start claiming the victory in the first set.
However, their opponents recovered in the second set and maintained the momentum of their game toward the third set.
Both the men’s and women’s teams were under the same coach.
Leo B. Pula’s first venture as a coach had been instrumental to the victory of the campus’ sepak takraw teams.
Under their new coach, the players trained hard and showed their commitment and dedication.

Monday, September 4, 2017

CapSU Mambusao Students Place 3rd in Reg’l PSITS Quiz Bowl

By Steve Binoy and F.S. Delgado

BS Computer Science students Zyra Lence Judit and Gemrey Luna won third place in the quiz bowl during the 24th Regional IT Congress slated Aug. 31-Sept. 1 at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, Iloilo City.
To promote excellence in IT education and unity among IT students in the region, the Philippine Society of Information Technology Students-Western Visayas (PSITS-WV) organizes every semester this IT Congress.
The Congress this semester was anchored on the theme “Information Security: Nation’s Priority.”
Hundreds of students enrolled in IT-related courses from different universities and colleges in the region took part in this assembly, including the 84 BS Computer Science students of CapSU Mambusao.
Participants learned from the topics taken up during the Congress.
Gamiel Mamblotan, founder of White Hawk Society, talked about Cyber Security; Game Development was discussed by Garena PH; and Joey Gurango expatiated on the Gurango Software.
Aside from listening to lectures, some of the participants joined in the quiz bowl and digital art contest.
Judit and Luna represented CapSU Mambusao in the quiz bowl.
During the early round of the contest, the tandem of Judit and Luna was way behind their opponents.
In the final round, they managed to answer a number of questions enough to secure the third spot and be among the winners.
Prof. Rosel L. Dionio, satellite college director and officer of the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators-Western Visayas (PSITE-WV), was proud of what Judit and Luna had achieved.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

BSOA Subjected to Accreditation

By Casanore Frias and F.S. Delgado

The Bachelor of Science in Office Administration program of Capiz State University-Mambusao Satellite College underwent level I accreditation on July 26-29, 2017.
The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) sent a group of accreditors from different state universities and colleges in the country to conduct an evaluation of the program under survey.
The accrediting team was led Dr. Amelita S. Indo, coordinator; and Dr. Joel M. Valencia, team leader. The members were Dr. Dave S. Mamhot, Dr. Reynalda Vilma V. Manansala, Dr. Ruel T. Bonganciso, Dr. Jane T. Aquino, Dr. Maria Lorina B. Crobes, Dr. Elpidio H. Nodado, Prof. Ignacia M. Pablo, and Prof. Cynthia A. Maleficio.
The program was evaluated in terms of Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives; Faculty; Curriculum; Students; Research; Extension and Community Involvement; Library; Physical Plant; Laboratory; and Administration.
The accreditation period actually started on July 24 in the two other campuses having some of their curricular programs submitted for accreditation.
Burias campus submitted their BS in Agricultural Engineering, Doctor of Education major in Educational Management, Master of Management major in Educational Management, and Master in Public Administration. Dumarao Satellite College, on the other hand, subjected to accreditation their Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies, BS in Criminology, and BS in Animal Science major in Animal Science programs.
In preparation for this significant milestone in the institution, the faculty and staff were assigned to their respective areas to prepare voluminous documents to meet and satisfy the expectations of the accreditors. Likewise, some sacrifices had to be made like shortening of classes, staying in school beyond office hours, going back to school on weekends, and spending personal money in securing documents.
For three days, the accreditors scrutinized the documents prepared by the local accreditation task force. They also conducted ocular inspection of the different facilities and visited beneficiaries of the extension projects. The survey visit ended with the exit conference and closing program on July 29 where accreditors gave some of their observations on the strengths and weaknesses of the program they evaluated.
As head of the institution, Dr. Editha C. Alfon, university president, expressed her support to the campus particularly on the recommendations made by the accreditation team.

Monday, July 3, 2017

New Infrastructure in CapSU Mambusao

By Peter Jhon Alido and F.S. Delgado

Prof. Rosel L. Dionio, satellite college director, initiates the cutting of ribbon
during the inauguration of the mini-auditorium.

Capiz State University (CapSU)-Mambusao Satellite College boasts its two completed projects this Academic Year 2017-2018.
On June 28, the mini-auditorium worth Php1.5 million was inaugurated.
Dr. Lillibeth G. Leonor, former satellite college director, requested for the construction of this building and was approved by the Board of Regents.
The budget for the construction of the auditorium was taken from the general appropriation of the national government for CapSU.
In February this year, the construction started and ended in June during the administration of the present satellite college director, Prof. Rosel L. Dionio.

Newly constructed concrete fence at the back of the Computer Science Department building.

Another completed project is the concrete fence at the back of the Computer Science Department building.
This project cost Php426,000.00 which was taken from the Special Trust Fund (STF) of the campus.
Dr. Leonor originally requested for the construction of this fence at the back of the Graduate School building and the library.
However, the project was constructed at the back of the Computer Science Department building because the old fence was removed due to the foot walk project of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of the municipality of Mambusao, Capiz.
The construction of the fence started in August and ended in September.
Another project that will soon be implemented is the two-story building consisting of six rooms intended for computer laboratories.
Upon taking over as the new satellite college director, Prof. Dionio requested for the construction of this building which the Board of Regents of the University approved.
Prof. Dionio felt the need for new computer laboratories since she used to be the department chairperson of the Computer Science.
The building that will be constructed in front of the Computer Science Department costs Php8 million to be taken from the general appropriation of the national government for CapSU.
The 180-day construction period will start as soon as the Board of Regents gives the go signal.
Upon completion of the project, the present computer laboratories will be transferred to the new building and the vacated rooms will be used as classrooms for non-laboratory subjects.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

306 graduated, 2 conferred with honors

by Peter Jhon Alido
Alayon Valerio
A total of 306 candidates from the undergraduate and ladderized programs were confirmed graduates, with two finishing cum laude, during the 13th Commencement Exercises, March 27.
The graduates this year satisfactorily completed the requirements in their respective programs. From the total number of graduates, 16 were AB English; 10, BS Food Technology and Entrepreneurship; 53, BS Office Administration; 45, BS Computer Science; 113, two-year Computer Programming; 41, two-year Commercial Cooking; and 28, one-year Food and Beverage Services.
Graduating at the top of their batch and hailed cum laude were Erika Alayon from the BS Food Technology and Entrepreneurship, and Jemmalyn Valerio from the BS Office Administration.
The affair was graced by Deputy Speaker and Representative of the Second District of Capiz Hon. Fredenil H. Castro who was this year’s commencement speaker.
The key officials of the University headed by Dr. Editha C. Alfon, University President, were also present. This was the first graduation exercises of Dr. Alfon as CapSU chief executive.
Being the graduate with the highest GPA, Ms. Erika Alayon was given the privilege of delivering words of gratitude on behalf of the graduates.
On behalf of Alumni Association President Dr. Stephanie S. Pimentel, Mr. Leo B. Pula initiated the induction of the new graduates to the CapSU Mambusao Satellite College Alumni Association.
The president of the Senior Class Organization, Mr. Arvic E. Ebagat, led his fellow graduates in their oath of loyalty to Capiz State University.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

CapSU MSC conducts fire, quake drill

by Ma. Victoria Valad-on

To heighten the level of preparedness of the students, faculty and staff, CapSU Mambusao Satellite College (MSC) conducted fire and earthquake drill on February 28. The administration invited representatives from the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to spearhead the activity.
Prior to the drill, a lecture on topics pertaining to fire and earthquake was given to bring awareness to the participants.
BFP Chief SFO3 Donnie C. Acevedo urged everyone to take the activity seriously.
“Activities like this are really important to be able to know what to do when disaster like fire or earthquake strikes. You have to pay attention to the lecture,” SFO3 Acevedo said.
The manner of how the drill would be carried out was also discussed in the orientation. The bell then sounded which signified the start of the drill.
Upon hearing the sound of the bell, the participants practiced the duck, cover and hold and then walked out of the room when the sound stopped.
The teachers led the students in going out of the room to the evacuation area and made the headcount.
Prof. Rosel L. Dionio, satellite college director, acted as the action officer from whom instructions of what to do came from.
Before the conduct of the activity, the school has already organized different teams with their corresponding responsibilities.
During the drill, the invited agencies observed how the teams carried out their tasks. The drill ran for almost an hour and the evaluation then followed.
According to the evaluators, it was done well but they also observed some aspects that have to be improved like conducting search and rescue and first aid.
The fire and earthquake drill taught the faculty, staff and students what to do in times of disaster.
According Prof. Dionio, conducting fire and earthquake drill in the school is important and doing this repeatedly will make everyone very well prepared.
The partnership of CapSU MSC with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has made this exercise possible.